School Spirit On Another Level

By Luke Green-Lauber

student section

“Whetstone High School students have been very lively at the sporting events this fall, and have a lot of games and seasons still to come this year.I think that even though it’s not as large as some suburban schools, we still have a lot more school spirit than you would expect,” Junior Hunter Scavenger said. The “Tribe” student section has attended many events so far this year, including football games, soccer games, and volleyball games. Continue reading “School Spirit On Another Level”


HometownBy Maia Johnson

Photo By Brad Heaton

At least 15,000 fans crowded the Schottenstein Center on Friday, September 18, eagerly awaiting the moment Twenty One Pilots would take the stage. During the two hours that preceded, fans of varying genders and ages stood on tiptoe, donning ski masks, red and black eyeshadow, and shirts sporting the band’s logo, searching for even more merchandise available for purchase. There were two lines leading to separate tables displaying concert tees and other souvenirs, each so long that they eventually passed the other.
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