School Improvements

By: Logan Foster

We’ve been seeing some major improvements here at Whetstone. This summer, the gym floor was replaced and it looks phenomenal. In recent weeks, there has also been some serious rehab work done to the sidewalk outside of the south doors and the parking lot. We also had our annual clean up day this fall and many parent volunteers along with students helped to spruce up the grounds, plant some flowers, and help make our school look even better.

The sidewalk is new and clean, but the real improvements lie beneath the surface. The old cement was taken out to fix several plumbing issues underneath the sidewalk. The plumbing was faulty and it was causing serious flooding in the locker rooms. The plumbing was fixed and so were the flooding problems. We also got new, nice cement.

The lines were re-painted in the south, in front parking lots. This makes a great difference in the appearance of both our school and our stadium. One of the painters, Al, from the Columbus City School Board, had some words to say about the lots: “About 35 gallons of paint were used overall.” And he said it cost “roughly three thousand dollars.” This two-day long process was much needed and looks great!

We will soon be getting a brand new sound system in the auditorium. We have had the same system since 1961, when the school was built. The sound system was very generously funded by Clintonville Go Public and the Whetstone boosters.

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