Lengthy Lunch Lines

by Julia Galdamez

Everyone has been through the lunch line time and again, and everyone knows how long it takes to get through- especially when people cut ahead and ditch people who have been waiting.

Many people have been in line and have had to stick around after the lunch period is over to eat their lunch. Others think it is easier to sit at the lunch table and wait until the line goes down before getting in line. While that may be an efficient solution, administrators and teachers do not like this and want you to get in line as soon as you get to the cafeteria.

Michelle Rowland, Whetstone senior, notes that the lunch lines are “just awful”. “People cut in line, [lunch ladies and students getting food] take forever. People, please wait your turn and when it is your turn hurry through the line to get enough time for you to eat your delicious food,” she says.

Rowland says an easy solution would be “to have teachers on either side of each line and the kids who ditch should be sent to the back, because the teachers who are there don’t really pay attention to the lines.” She also says that having an extra lunch period would work because there would be “less people, more time to eat and more time to get our lunch.”

Though having an extra lunch period would be nice, there are many reasons why Whetstone got rid of the 4th and 6th period lunches. Having one lunch period cuts down on truancy, violence, and gives students time to work on homework and get help from other teachers.

Students are always told that lunch is their time to talk to their friends so they can focus in class, but why is it that our time is being cut short? Why isn’t there an extra lunch period or even an extended 5th period to guarantee students enough time to get lunch and to give them enough time to each their lunch?

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