Lengthy Lunch Lines

by Julia Galdamez

Everyone has been through the lunch line time and again, and everyone knows how long it takes to get through- especially when people cut ahead and ditch people who have been waiting.

Many people have been in line and have had to stick around after the lunch period is over to eat their lunch. Others think it is easier to sit at the lunch table and wait until the line goes down before getting in line. While that may be an efficient solution, administrators and teachers do not like this and want you to get in line as soon as you get to the cafeteria.
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School Improvements

By: Logan Foster

We’ve been seeing some major improvements here at Whetstone. This summer, the gym floor was replaced and it looks phenomenal. In recent weeks, there has also been some serious rehab work done to the sidewalk outside of the south doors and the parking lot. We also had our annual clean up day this fall and many parent volunteers along with students helped to spruce up the grounds, plant some flowers, and help make our school look even better.

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